Sponsorship on the Downing Screen

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$60/month ($55 or $50)
Please patronize our sponsors!

The stars speak to their audiences at the movies—why not you? Sponsoring the Downing is an excellent way to reach a wide audience with news about your business because if you become a sponsor, your sponsorship will become a part of our pre-show that runs before every screening.  Your business will be featured on a slide that lets you share the spotlight with the greatest actors of our day, when audience members are in their seats with their eyes and ears open. Make your business the attraction before the main attraction begins.  Become a sponsor at the Downing.


What You Get

At the Downing, we present photo slides accompanied by music as part of a pre-show before each film begins. These slides are full-color digital images—created with your input and advice—that are shown on our movie screen for 10 seconds, several times before each show. The slides are part of a larger photo collage that also includes images from the area's rich history. We guarantee that each business slide will be shown twice before every show—based upon a 20-minute pre-show—11 shows a week.


Input Required

We will need a professional photo or logo and text to be placed on your slide. We can also use pre-printed slides as long as they are supplied electronically or on disk in pdf, .jpeg or .tiff format.

Electronic file specifications for our pre-show:

  • Image size:  1280 pixels width x 720 pixel height
  • Resolution: 72
    (or use the PhotoShop pre-set size:  1280×720 HDTV 720P)
  •  Border: Maintain a 1½ inch “safety border” on all outside edges. Try not to have words or numbers outside this boundary.
  • Fonts:  No smaller than 24 pt. Small fonts will not be legible on our movie screen. Don’t use thin-script fonts.  Keep copy to 20-25 words—just include the major points about your business.

For more information, click here to download our sponsorship flyer/form.



The cost to become a sponsor at the Downing is $60 for one month, $55 per month for two months, and $50 per month for three or more months.  Rates for not-for-profit organizations [501(c)(3)] are $55 for one month, $50 per month for two months, and $45 per month for three or more months.

In addition to having a slide in our pre-show, your business will be listed on our website and included in our weekly e-newsletter, which is sent to more than 3000 subscribers.


Contact Us

If you are interested sponsoring the Downing Film Center, contact us by telephone at (845) 561-3686 or (800)-974-8592 or by e-mail at downingfilmcenter@gmail.com; or stop by the film center when the box office is open.




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